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Our platform automatically creates a ready-to-publish .zip package

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Extensions built with and our Chrome extension builder. All done without writing a single line of code.

How it works

Follow simple steps

Create 400x550px web page

Prepare a 128x128 PNG icon

You will need this URL later for extension

Pick a plan and make an order

The package will be available for download as soon as you place an order

Optional: Test it

Enable developer mode in Chrome and upload the unzipped folder

Upload .zip package

Upload the generated .zip file to your Chrome extensions developer account.

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Pricing that fits every stage

Download the ready-to-publish Chrome extension package as soon as you place the order. No monthly subscriptions.

  • Your web page turned into a chrome extension.
  • Download Chrome extension package as soon as you place the order
  • branding
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$3000 or more
  • Custom built extension for your needs
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